Saturday, July 11, 2009


Well, we made it! Left Kalispell at 6am, Seattle at 8am, and were in Anchorage at 10:30am. Of course there were a few hours added in there, but it all works out when we head home! Cousin Wayne and wife Lynne met us at the baggage terminal -- a very nice surprise! We hope to meet up with them a little later for a better visit-- it's only been 15 years or so since we saw them!
Les and Annie were about 30 minutes out, and were to head back to Montana at 3, so we got to have a burger and go over the basics. Short course, but we at least found our way down the Kenai to the fish site and figured a few things out!
We contacted Kevin, Annie's cousin who is going to be our mentor for the next few weeks - we get together tomorrow evening to get ready for Monday's opening. I'll describe more of what goes on when I learn it myself!
We're situated up on a bluff about 100 feet above the beach, looking directly across at the infamous Mt. Redoubt that has been erupting for the last while. Right now, we can't see it because the fog is so thick that the beach is barely visible. The neighbors are all pulling their gear in, as the opening is over at 10pm tonight. I could hear several boats out searching around in the fog for their buoys, but it must be pretty tough! There seemed to be a lot of fish in the nets when we watched earlier -- a good sign? I have a feeling this 3 weeks is going to build up my back, arms, shoulders, callouses, etc. May need a few weeks to recuperate.

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