Friday, July 10, 2009

Are we ready?

Lovie and I decided sometime this spring that life was just a little too tame with the kids married off and all our friends acting old. Work has been slow for us as for most of the US, and somewhere in the back of our minds stirred the memories of fishing commercially in Alaska 30 years ago.
Em had spent a summer on a beach site on the Kenai a few years back, and the thought crossed our minds to see if we still had what it took to live the life, even for a few weeks.
Contact with Les and Annie developed into a commitment, and the time has come. We leave tomorrow for the North, and all it may hold. Pictures and comments to follow. The dog and house are in the good hands of the "other" daughter, and we rest easy knowing she's in charge.
Developments with Les's dad's health may accelerate our learning curve, as they will only pass us in the airport and give last minute instructions! Talk about fish or cut bait....!

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